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Hi, it's me


Intersectionally, me...

Because it's so much more fun living in 4-D


What is a writer? I'm trying to figure it out myself. In the meantime, the best thing I think to do would be to, you know, keep writing, it the sense that at it's most basic, a writer...writes? 

Frequent writing prompts/life questions include "what is the meaning of life?" and "what is the truest thing you know?".

Activist & Advocate

I currently live in DC, and work with individual advocates as well as co-chairing DC Metro Adapt. My passions include disability advocacy in regards to education, housing, and healthcare, with a focus on intersectional identities. 


Getting on with my creative mayhem by creating jewelry at Chateau Des Rois (Castle of Kings). 

Check out my Etsy Site, Facebook Page or Instagram

Emotional Foodie

Because sometimes we all get a little too attached to mac and cheese. Come on my culinary adventures with me, both in and out of the kitchen #kingscriesat #kingscriesatfood



Dare to create.


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