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All My Scoofy Eggs in One Basket

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Food is My Love Language

When we talk about accessibility, rarely do I regularly consider what that means from a food perspective. However as I've grown into the disability community, and the world in general, access needs appear in all areas. Food, as many of you know, is one of the most near and dear things to my heart, and translating that to accessibility, I want everyone to be able to eat and enjoy when possible. This means when my new PCA-Squad member Anna told me she was gluten free, I immediately went to Pinterest, the New Yorker cookbook and Samin Nosrat to see what I could find about altering my recipes. Crepes this morning took a little longer then usual: first they just tasted like a omelette, and then an omelette with vanilla extract, but we managed to whisk together a delicious, perfectly cooked canvas of crepes for some berries and whipped raspberry coconut cream. It's important to me that people around me know I want to love them by feeding them, as long as they're prepared to taste test along the way. #kingscriesatfood

When You're a Mainer...

One of the eternal debates in the Hopkins family is what specifically should go in a Lobster Roll. Lobster, obviously, but then what? Bread toasted or un-toasted? Butter or mayo? The Christmas tradition lives on of breaking bread and claws over the holiday, but when I can't get it from Portland, I go to Luke's. I'm a fan of the toasted roll, *small* amount of butter and slight seasoning they put on top. Tastes like home. 

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