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'One little earthquake': The grim reality for many disabled, furloughed workers

For furloughed workers with disabilities, our independence is at stake.

Education Access

...through conversations that I have had with Ms. Kingsley, I have gained a new respect for what it means to be a young person with a disability in modern America. In many ways she has a real advantage over those that have come this way before mostly because of changes in laws, attitudes and of course technology but she has opened my eyes to the many issues that still exist. She has advocated for many positive changes on the High Point University campus that have made access easier and in the future these changes will be a benefit to other students. She has a strong desire to work in disability law and I hope that she will continue down that path.

David L. Bryden, Director of Library Services

High Point University 

“That event changed everything,” she says. “I realized I had a responsibility to support my community.” In the year since that first protest, Floyd has revived her area chapter of the national disability-rights organization ADAPT, gotten arrested several more times for demonstrating against various proposed laws and spoken at the Women’s March anniversary event in Washington.

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Connecting with Kennedy Center Interns

I've had the pleasure of working with Kennedy Center Interns for almost 6 semesters, discussing with them the connections between art, disability and advocacy, and how they can be allies, both personally and professionally. Ask me more about my role as a mentor. 


Are you hiring and mentoring young people with disabilities? The National Disability Mentoring Coalition (NDMC) understands how to engage in mentoring as a disability inclusion strategy. This presentation will include an overview of the NDMC's mission to increase the awareness, quality and impact of mentoring for youth and adults with disabilities,

#HeumannPerspective with #ADAPT and #DCMetroADAPT

“Without Medicaid, you are effectively cutting off people’s independence, their ability to have jobs and access to good health care...” 

I am a Pre-Existing Condition 

“I consider it abusive both verbally in how they treat passengers with disabilities, but also physically,” said Kingsley Floyd. Floyd has muscular dystrophy and uses a scooter.

As an advocate for people with disabilities, Floyd says TSA doesn't listen to those they're offending, and things are only getting worse.

“I've been patted-down in places that should not be touched by a random person,” said Floyd. “That is not just, you know, being thorough with security. It's being invasive."

Here’s what we’ve been working on

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