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Interested in finding out more about engaging with disability awareness, access, food and culture? Check out our Writing Services page to see how we can creatively collaborate. 

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In the Field (Notes)

An ongoing series of informational entries, sometimes about little to nothing at all.

Things That Make Me Happy - A Brief Excerpt


- The smell in the air between late May and mid June, when it smells fresh and dense and threatens to break open & thunder over you

- When the lights flash in the platform floor, and as you ride down the elevator you sink into the happy realization that you can make the oncoming train

- Almond Dark Mocha's from Bourbon Coffee

The Evils of Editing

March 7, 2019

I'm trying to have a better relationship with my editor, aka I'm trying to have a better relationship with myself. Editing is conflicting, wanting to write out on paper the additions and corrections, spelling mistakes and weird tangents. Ah, the thrills of overthinking. But then getting it all back into the document, collecting all the loose thoughts as they flash and fade. But then just wanting it to make sense; to be the way you want it to be, almost unquestioningly programmed for instant gratification.

I'm trying to meditate to become a better editor. To become more patient with myself, critiquing my previous work, in an attempt to make it better. I'm hard on myself when it comes to many things, and editing is no different. The goal is with the meditation, I may become more patient and understanding of myself, and just accept the task, aware that resisting it will just take more energy. Accept the Evils of Editing, and know that every time you do, you get better. 

January 17, 2019

"On my regular paycheck, I spend more than a third of my income on personal care services. But now that I’m furloughed, I’m forced to prioritize my care based on what I can afford."

January 15, 2019

Kings joins other advocates in a resource guide for students with disabilities considering college, and tips on advocating for yourself in an academic setting. 


"We are a rural state with a large — and growing — elderly population, and there are over 200,000 people with disabilities living in Maine. For Mainers with disabilities, our high school graduation rate is lower, and our unemployment rate and poverty level are higher."

NCIL is pleased to announce the release of our Disability Pride Toolkit, which was developed by outgoing Youth Transitions Fellow Kings Floyd in collaboration with NCIL’s Youth Caucus.

This toolkit is designed to help Youth Transitions Coordinators and Centers for Independent Living get started talking about disability pride within their local communities. 

From their website: "Rooted in Rights tells authentic, accessible stories to challenge stigma and redefine narratives around disability, mental health, and chronic illness."

Kings & David


Queen of Keys

A blog of my earlier work and slightly younger days. 

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