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The bar graph is purple, red or green based on the type of strain, and is ranked from right to left as the strains most used by women (descending order), and includes strain names Girl Scout Cookie, Grandaddy Purple and Gorilla Glue 4.

Dare I say the more popular (and populated) index of strain information, as well as articles dedicated to cannabis information. A must-have resource.

Image shows an orange background with white tiles and text that reads "What's Your Stickytype? Your key to understanding StickyGuide's Cannabis Classification System. Use to quickly and easily identify traits in medical cannabis to find the best medicine that fits your needs.

Sticky Guide has a wide range of strain information, but could use a graphics update as well as a more user-friendly experience. They do however catch many of the more rare strain characteristics well. 

scientist checking organic hemp wild plants in a cannabis weed commercial greenhouse. Conc

Medical Marijuana Use Worker Protections Growing, Rulings Show

How the law is shifting to protect workers who use cannabis as a medical resource. 


Accessible Cannabis

An accessible webinar to engage the Disability and Cannabis Communities. 

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